Leyland P76 Owners 2019

Leyland Dealers

Nowra NSW

Nambor Qld


Rudder Motors

The Force 7 in the picture is NV Green, not Spanish Olive.
The photo was taken at Rudder Motors in Nowra NSW.
Rudder Motors was a long time BMC/Leyland dealer, and is still in business and now sells Mazda's.
I approached them a few years ago asking for photos, and they kindly went through there archives and sent me a heap of shots including this one.
In 1975, Leyland had a Force 7 tour each state and visit each dealer for up to a week for promotional purposes.
The NV Green Force 7 in the photo is now owned by Warrewyk Williams brother Richard.

Grafton Dealer

Karsales Korner

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