Leyland P76 Owners 2007

What are these Leyland items?

--- Adrian wrote:
Hi everyone,
I have been informed that these item exist, does anyone
know anything about them
1/ Manual-Pressed steel Fisher Ltd (4dr,2dr,wagon)
2/ P77 armrest prototype full size in jelutong wood
3/ Leyland ceramic steering wheel ashtray
4/ Badges set P77/L
5/ Badge, Michelotti badge for Tour de Force
Did you know that they exist and what is a P77/L?


1/ I assume this is a manual that had all the body panel pressings for
the three P76-based vehicles. Never seen the manual but I have seen
the drawings of the sedan and coupe body assembly.
2/ The P77 armrest was for the MkII P76. One of the styling experiments
carried out as part of ongoing P76 developement.
3/ There was also a P77 badge (I only know of one that still exists).
4/ Maybe the mythical Force 7 ashtray that I've heard of but never
5/ The Tour De Force badge that went on the filler panel between the
rear lights of the Tour De Force. There were many of these badges made.

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