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Question from Warrwick

Midnight Spares

Interesting information from the Roadgames Film.
I managed to go by the Warner Bros compound at Silverton while competing in the Repco Trial.
The P76 used in the Olympic Tyre TV add in is still there without any rust even though it is the open,
Anyone remember what year the Olympic add was screened?

Car of Interest

This is a scene from the film "road games" and was deliberately wrecked in the movie along with the boat.
Weird film, probably the on of the last of those weird films where we thought we needed a cast of B grade American actors.
John E.

That’s from a movie, i’m pretty sure.
Think it was one of those “made in Oz for the US” horrible ones.
I have no idea what the name is, but it is old. The P has quite a bit of the story, and is being chased by the big rig.
Bizarrely, the first time I saw it was 1997 on cable, in the Hilton, Dallas Texas of all places!!!
Thought I was seeing things! I Was supposed to be at a “slap up” dinner downstairs – but missed the whole thing – cause I was watching the movie! Lol.
I’m still trying to find the name and details of the movie.
Matt Cook
Heres the trailer
Matt Cook

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