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New South Wales

2007 Muscle Car Masters

The Muscle Car Masters Day at Eastern Creek was a great day.
Great weather, great classic motor sport and great classic cars.
The P76 brigade was supported by the NSW Owners Club and the ACT Club.
Alex Shoobridge brought up his Peel-Me-A-Grape Exec, Jason brought his Crystal White Super and Hairy Lime Exec, Eric Rudd his Omega Navy Targa, Michael Nugent from Newcastle in his Ex Hal Moloney Silver/Grey Super, Greg Bryant in his custom aquamarine V8 and Shannon Wharton in his recently restored Chrysler Valiant Charger CL 360 V8 (not a P but he is our club secretary and its a very good example of the marque). Many Thanks to all for your help. Its amazing
how many P76 experts there are out there these days.
I learnt so many new things about the P76 on that day, oh , and the eye candy was very accommodating, no names - no lies.

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