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From South Australian Magazine Aug 2013

Meeting held in Canberra at the 40th Anniversary celebrations
Minutes of Meeting (condensed) 28 June 2013
Attendees: NZ 2, Qld 2, NSW 2, Vic 2, NSW Country 1, Visitor (NSW) 1
The Meeting was held on the Friday afternoon due to time constraints, Geoff and I did not make it.
Next National Meeting venue discussed and it was felt that SA should be asked to hold it as it has been 15 years since the last one.
The Vic Club offered to assist where possible.
Parts manufacture.
Engine main bearings, boot mats and carpets, door rubbers, number plate lenses, door armrests, speedo drive seals and ignition points were discussed with priorities allocated.
Duplication of parts being made was highlighted as being a waste of resources and availability of Club parts to non-members was discussed.
Victoria sells to non-members but at a premium and are happy to do this to keep P76s on the road.
NSW sells only to members with the view that it will make the Club stronger.
A proposed National Data Base was discussed.
Who would be the custodian, what information goes on it and who has access to the information.
A suggestion that Council meeting be held on the Friday night of National Meetings i.e. every 2 years.
Some thought more often desirable.
More discussion required though not sure when.
The Council members need to raise their profile.
Ways to do this discussed and a website to be developed where representative - photos and profiles could be there for all to see.
National Council Parts Officer appointed Nigel Bray offered and accepted this position with a view to coordinating the proliferation of parts spread Australia wide and across the Tasman.
Not exactly sure how this will work but we have

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