New Zealand Leyland P76 Owners Car Register

Car Register Form for New Zealand Cars

The Leyland P76 Clubs are creating a register of P76 cars.
This is voltuntry on your behalf.
The information which you send us will be recorded by Rob Jones in NZ or by James Mentiplay in Western Australia to assist in tracking cars.
All care will be taken.
If you need to update this information or require to know about a car, please contact Bob or your local club.

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Members Name



Car Club (if any)

Mobile No:

Ph No:

Type of Car ? (P76 or Marina or Force7 )

Registration Number


Year of Manufacture

Engine Type & Capacity

Engine Number

Chassis number

Origional Paint colour

Interior colour

Paint colour now

How long have you owned the car

Other Characteristics

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Jan, 2007
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