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Some assistance

The P76 and Marina Cars sometimes come to these pages but I would first suggest you contacting the State clubs,
then try Ebay for a good idea of what is available.
The Trading Post or Cars.com.au also have cars avaible also.
If you are unable to locate what you a looking for then send me an email and I will try to help yo.
Please yowee_98@yahoo.com

Item #1

New Remanufactured Speedo Cables

$85 plus Postage

3rd June, 2012

The Queensland Club is offering for sale new remanufacture speedo cables for the standard V8 and Six P76 and made in Brisbane.
As this is a club project it is only available to Official Leyland P76 Club members in Australia and New Zealand
Please Email with your request.
5 days to get made if not in stock
Mobile 0414383503

Item #2

Leyland P76 Rear Windows

$220 Clear & $230 Smoke

25th May, 2007

Contact Troy 0409 988 757 or Joe 02 95226529
Remember to include freight costs with the purchase

Item #3

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