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David Place

Father's car NSW

My Name is David Place and we live in Sydney these days.
I have the privileged to own my fathers Bitter Apricot E6 4 speed super P76.
We lived in Canberra and my dad bought it new, Feb 1974 from the Leyland agent at Fyshwick ACT, been in the family since then.
Its been off the road since I think 1986ish .
Its in storage complex & has been since 2003 .
Its my wish to get it happening , although time & money get in the way .
Always remember dad going for a drive, back in 74 to show some relatives how it went after getting rid of a Ford Falcon Futura sedan.
Also remember Dad driving it through some twisties near Black Mountain Canberra ironic Hey ! Did the same thing for the 40th Annivesary.
Mum also drove us kids all around in it.
My Dads 4 speed 6 super on a family holiday. Not sure when or where
Probably 1978ish. Possibly at Forbes NSW

The Car
Its currently a 60% survivor. Bitter Apricot E6 4 speed super P76
I dream of it being smick & pearling down the road changing up from 2nd to 3rd at approx 100klms/hr , looking in the side mirror & seeing the back lift up then bog back down as I lay it into third and look for a nice curve.
What is needed
Fuel tank & lines reno , brakes full reno , radiator reno , tyres changed , springs & front struts changed , new battery , new windscreen , full new paint job $$$ , six out V8 in $$$$ ( Have V8 ready to go ) , new carpets front & rear Give me figure with the paint i reckon $10,000 to $12,000
As mentioned time & money . They seem to fix a lot of things in life .
Just letting everyone know NOT FOR SALE TO ANY ONE
Facebook discussion.
My thoughts aloud to group
David Place
What do you reckon . Leave as a 6 or transplant to V8 ?
James Mentiplay
Transplant to a V8. Makes the car infinitely more usable and enjoyable to drive, increases the value, parts are easier to come by, there are no negatives at all.
Plenty of negatives if you keep it a 6 though.
David Place
Must admit I do love the V8 I have promised myself to do the transplant as close to original as Ii can , although need a set of Torony extractors , and will be running a 350 Holley with electronic Dizzy
Steve Maher
James forgets the most important. Its no longer original. Its no longer the same car your Father bought and enjoyed all those years ago. Besides you have that lovely BAB V8
David Place
Yes true enough Will sleep on it
Steve Maher
Remember Dave. They're only original once
James Mentiplay
Of course it's the same car, just with a bigger heart. It doesn't have the original tyres, brake pads, spark plugs etc from when David's dad owned it but its still the same car.
Just slightly improved
Steve Maher
You’re never the same after a heart transplant
James Mentiplay
I wouldn't know, my wife reckons I don't have a heart.
Scott Reynolds
My opinion keep it as a 6

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