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Mark Ellery

Leyland Club in 80's

From Mark Ellery
James and others, I was able to locate the 2 photos of this car and have added them to the photo's section.
I have a collection of photo's of P76 related activity in and around Sydney in the 80's and would post them if there was interest, let me know if you would like them to be posted.
Mark Ellery
From James Mentiplay
Sunday, 11 February 2007
Hi Mark,
Thanks for posting those two photos. Very interesting.
In the photos the car looks more like Nutmeg than Oh Fudge. Do you remember what colour the car was?

Would love to see the others you have.
Please post them onto this site.
James Mentiplay
Hi James
At a guess I would say Nutmeg however I do not have a colour chart, I had a number of them however they were lost in the house fire on the farm at Dunedoo, I will gather the other photos together and get them up on the site.
If I remember there is a great shot of all the cars lined up for a sporting car club meeting at Grahams.
Sorry about the quality of the previous two photos posted, If I recall it was my old zenith and I had a habit of mounting it on the Kart and using a cable release and an upside down incident stuffed it, back of the camera popped open and I lost a lot of pics of the Redhead Rally Car and Force.
Graham was demonstrating the rally car in the backyard running figure 8s between the trees, missing them I might add unlike Garth's effort at Stanwell Tops.
Is Garth still frightening people or did he build the twin terror and frighten himself and everyone else.
He was pretty handy building things with Lego.
As soon as I talk to Crowther I will try to find out what happened to Grahams Cars, including the Nicholson rally car and Pink weee beastie.
I gave my repainted executive to Phil Crowther and my other cars went to a collector in central western NSW after Dad sold the farm

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