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Fastest officially timed P76 in the world

from Ted

For fun I attached some pix of the P76 I drove from Melbourne to Lake Gairdner in Sth Australia and then raced in the inaugural DLRA speed week.
It was only a beater and showing signs of a lot of enjoyment through its life but it got us there and back with a full load of camping equipment and tools on board and plenty of flat out runs down the flying miles.
93.17 mph was fastest attained so it was no outright record breaker but as far as I know it is the fastest officially timed P76 in the world [at least on a salt lake] as the Chief Timer of the day tongue in cheek wrote on the rear guard.

It a 6 Cyl. 4 speed re-powered with Holden 186S and was under geared with the stock 3.9 diff but that didn't stop the fun.
The high engine speed runs took their toll on number one rocker and the speed runs were done with a number 1 exhaust valve that hardly opened but it hung together and got us back to Melbourne.
Time for work.
Ted Robinette

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