Leyland P76 Owners 2003


Total Need for Speed

From: Kevin Wolfe
To: President@leylandp76.itgo.com
Subject: P76 car for NFS
I'm the curator of 'Total Aussie Musclecars' Website, dedicated to recreating Australian Muscle cars for the 'Need For Speed' (NFS) computer game series. I thought you would be most interested to know that i have completed a replica of the Leyland P76 for NFS. This means that instead of racing around in american or european slugboxes like BMWs, you can drive the 'Classic' Leyland P76.
Go to my site and check it out, you may even like to put a link to it for your readers. Total Need for Speed. Download the P76 and use it to race with!
Need for Speed Leyland P76
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