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Email from Pearson Education Australia Pty Limited

Accounting textbook - P76 page - Chapter 22

From: "Robson, Carolyn"
To: "'Adrian'" , "'Stuart Brown'"
Subject: Accounting textbook - P76 page
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003
Hi Adrian and Stuart
Attached to this email are high-res and low-res PDFs of the page on which the P76 appears in our book.
I hope you are happy with it.
Shame it's not full colour but I think it looks great anyway.
The book is going to the printer next week and I expect copies to arrive around mid-November.
It is a mighty large book (1144 pages).
Are you sure you want a copy of it?
Thanks once again for all your help.
Carolyn Robson
Editorial Team Leader
Pearson Education Australia
ph 02 9454 2273
fax 02 9453 0112

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