Leyland P76 Owners 2010


P76 Technical Index


Window winders Heated rear windows Article about rust around Fuel filler Q & A Under bonet decals Rubber and bits Boot drain holes
Decals for P76 from Nick Rear wheel arch rust Targa stickers Speedo fixes My P leaks Locked boot no worry
Opening the bonnet without a cable Fitting short hand brake cable Tags and stickers in the engine bay C-Pillar vents Crumple Zone creases Front Grill Badges
Seat types and Interior of P76 Dealers Stickers Adjusting the door handle linkage Scott Wood Grain Dash Water in Doors (rust)

Paint & Colours

Q & A P76 Paint Examples of the colours Colours and desription (JLRover) Info on the Paint Companys Dulux Paint Colours

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