Leyland P76 Owners 2006

Interchangeable List for P76

Engine and other Parts

I have put together a list of parts that are interchangeable with the P76 engines as well as other parts that may be useful to your readers.
I realize a lot of your readers may know some or all of these things but there may be some who don't.
I don't own a P76 but I do have one of the V8s in one of my Land Rovers and have customers with them also.
Would you put this info on your site so that those that don't know can have the opportunity to find out.
Regards Jack
Ph (07) 4148 6917
Camshaft bearings Buick 340ci V8 Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Con rod bearings Buick 350ci V8
Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Pontiac 301ci V8
Lifters Holden 173ci-2.85lt blue motor-202ci-253ci V8-308ci V8-355ci V8-5lt EFI V8-5.7lt EFI V8
Starfire 1891cc inline 4
Pontiac 301ci V8
Exhaust valve Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Inlet valve Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Piston rings Ford 221ci V8
Oldsmobile 260ci V8
Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Timing gear Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Carby kit 2V Stromberg Ford 144ci-170ci-188ci-200ci non-x flow-289ci W-302ci W-302ci C-351ci C
Holden 161ci-253ci V8-308ci V8
Valve stem seals Leyland 15 Cb, GB-16 GAU, GCU-
Leyland B Series
Morris 1500cc-1620cc-1622cc-
Leyland 28HP 4000cc inline 6
Distributor cap Chrysler CH-CJ
Valiant VF-VH-VJ
Dodge Phoenix 4D Sedan-DD6-DE6-DF6-DG6-
Morgan Plus 8
Rover 22D-23D-3528cc V8
Rover 3500 PB6-SD1
Filter service kit Austin 1800 Mk1-1800 Mk 2
Freeway Mk1-Mk2
Healey 3000 Mk1 BN7-BT7
Healey 3000 Mk2 BJ7-BN7-BT7-
Healey 3000 Mk3 BJ8 Phase 1&2
Healey 3000 Mk3a BJ8
Sprite Mk2, 2a, 3,3a,sports
Kimberly X6, Mk2 X6
Tasman X6, Mk2 X6
Chrysler Centura KB, KC
Galant GB, GC, GD
Valiant CL
Radiator cap Austin Freeway,Tasman
Daimler Sovereign
Ford Capri 3000GT-delux-GT-XL
Cortina Mk1 220,240,440
Cortina Mk2 220,240,440,GT
Cortina TC-TD-TE
Front disc brake pads Chrysler Centura KB-KC
Holden HJ-HX
Torana LH
Rotor button Chrysler CH-CJ
Valiant VF-VH-VJ
Dodge Phoenix 4D Sedan-DD6-DE6-DF6-DG6
Triumph Stag
Thermostat housing Gasket Daihatsu Charade ES G10/G11 CC, CS, CX, CXA, CXT
G100 TS
G102 CR, CS, CX-G30 XG, XO, XTE
Ford Bronco Corsair AU Ghia, GL
Fairlane ZC, ZD, ZF, ZG
Falcon XW-BA XR8
Wheel bearings Front Datsun 180B-200B-240K-240Z-260Z
Nissan Skyline 1978
Nissan 280ZX
Stanza GL, SSS
Vanette C20
Toyota Townace YR39
Wheel bearings Rear Centura KB-KC
Valiant CL-CM-VH-VJ-VK
Datsun 200B
Ford Cortina TC L-TC XL

Review the pdf icon.Leyland P76 Spare Parts guide (1991) (700kb)
Review the pdf icon.Leyland P76 Spare Parts guide Old (from Damien ACT) (2300kb)
Review the pdf icon.Leyland P76 Spare Parts guide Ver 6 (from Damien ACT) (193K)
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