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I am most eager to receive any information regarding the Repco Formula 5000 race cars. These cars had 5 litre motors based on the P76 motor if I understand
correctly. Any information regarding the cars, developement, contact names, the drivers, whereabouts of cars, parts, engines, etc basically anything would be greatly appreciated.
I am happy to follow up any leads.
Kind regards


Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003
Hi Waz,
About 5 or 6 years ago there was a fascinating series of articles in either the SA or VIC magazines (not sure which because I'm a member of both clubs) about the details of the development of the Brabham 5 litre written by an engineer who worked on the project. He lived in central western Victoria at the time, perhaps Rod Warwick who lives in Nhill knows of him - Rod is a very keen P76 man and member of SA & VIC clubs too.
(I have looked back through my back copies of the mags quickly but couldn't find the series.) If you don't have any luck with Rod or anyone else who can tell you more, let me know and I'll make time to have a closer look back in the old mags. Good luck,
John (Sec, Vic club)

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