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As an aside I noted some comments on the website about Paint - Dulux vs Berger vs Dulon.
I used to work for Dulux so may be able to add a little more light on the topic.
In 1973 Dulux was part of ICI Australia, and manufactured automotive paints under licence from ICI Paints UK.
Dulux manufactured both Dulon and earlier I think Duco. Both of these were Dulux Acrylic Lacquers.
Berger Paints was a separate company in those days, and I think was part of the British Paints/ Berger group.
Their refinish name was "Duracryl" I understand there was even some court action over this name, as Dulux
thought that the DU was copied from Dulux, and of course the acryl was just short for acrylic lacquer.
Berger automotive paint was manufactured in Sydney, while most of the Dulux refinish was manufactured in Clayton
just outside of Melbourne, although some limited colour ranges may have been manufactured in Sydney at the Cabarita plant (Ex BALM - British Australian Lead Manufactures).
The original colour codes from Dulux were given numbers such as 566-15089 (Line - Shade) - so this was Dulon A type acrylic lacquer - Bold as Brass the original Berger colours were identified quite differently eg Crystal
White HM 5919.
In 1988 Dulux purchased both the British Paints and the Berger Paints brands, and moved all Automotive paint manufacturing to Clayton.
In 2000, the Dulux plant in Clayton was sold to PPG (Pennsylvania Plate Glass).
PPG continued to manufacture the ICI Automotive paint range (Autocolour), until they lost the licence, and replaced the Autocolour range with their own range of refinish paints.
Dulux was by far the largest manufacturer of refinish products in the southern hemisphere until 2000, and exported specialist colour ranges all over the world, even to GM in the USA.
When Dulux bought out the Berger range, all the colours were renumbered to the Dulux system.
If you go to any paint store now you can see that all Berger, British, Walpamur have numbers in the same Dulux system of line shade (as do Cabots, Feast Watson and many other paint ranges.
I don't know how PPG identify their products - I'll find out.
Ken Western

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