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Thu Jan 20, 2005
Hi everyone,
I have for a couple of time had to replace my rear shocks.
This time I want to be smart.
I don't want to have to disassemble the rear left hand side of the
suspension to get to the top bolts of the shocks.
Has anyone got the correct locations so that I can remove the back
seat and bore a hole above the shock to get to the nuts.
Updated information on the position of rear shockabsorbers in suspension index Aug, 2006


Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005
There should be two little humps above the shock-absorber nuts when you take the seat out.
The are not very big, but distinctive.
You need to make a reasonable hole to get a socket in there or spanners, mine was about 3 to 5 cm square.
Watch out for sparks if you are using a grinder.
The best way i have found is to drill directly on the hump (make an indentation first with a punch) with a big drillbit and shine a torch in so you know exactly where your nut is and then drill 4 corners of a spuare and knock out with a coal chisle, or to chain drill the whole spuare or even get an air hacksaw in there (Great little tool, perfect for cutting speaker holes).
Then when your all done seal it over the hole with that metal tape.
Hope this helps,
Hi Adrian,
This one is not rocket science, the shocks have most likely centre punched a dent from the inside with the top of the shock absorber shaft.
It is very easy to see with the naked eye.
Do both sides for a 10 minute shock change over.
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005
Hi Adrian,
If you have to butcher the body to fit the rear shocks, rather then spends an extra 15 minutes on fitting the one shocker( which you will probably never change in the cars lifetime again )at
least use a hole saw to make it neat.
Then go down to the rubber store and find the appropiate grommet to fit the hole.
As for using an angle grinder, remember it's not a holden your working on.
But really, why you are spending that extra 15 minutes doing it correctly, remember the Rotary Club Motto..... DO IT ONCE DO IT WELL.........
Cheers Anton...

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