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Date Wednesday, 30 July 1997
G-Day fellow P-Nutters.
My name is Norm Julian and I am currently restoring a Targa Florio and I thought you might be interested in a varied range of replacement parts and/or substitute parts that others and I have discovered.
Firstly, a company called "Peter Jackson" (old Rubber Company) has a great deal to offer to the P76 restorer. For example you can buy the standard pinchweld for around the door frame in various colours, or you can buy the standard pinchweld with a rubber seal attached to the outside of it to give a better seal when the door is closed.
The advantage with this is that the wind noise in the cabin is greatly reduced, also it is more weatherproof.
There is also a PVC pinchweld for around the rear window, which holds the roof lining to it and gives it a smooth finished look
Other parts available in brief are:
Door weather strips: (outer 216.014 $17.60 each)
(inner 216.033 $24.72 each)
Firewall rubber strips (322.004 $10.32 per meter)
Horn plate insulators (238.076 $3.50 each)
Wiper motor grommets (238.077 $9.00 per 3)
Window Channel (350.336 $8.50 per meter)
Bonnet bump stops (232.045 $5.70 pair)
Body Mould retainers (892.261 $0.62 used to hold chrome strips around front blinkers in position)
Part number (592.271) in conjunction with (892.200A) are used to hold most of the chrome body moulding that are present on the car)
(892.523 These clips hold the chrome strip around the edge of the eyebrow.) (261.011 Yellow seal retainers; are the clips that held the rubber seal around doors of the car.
These are just some of the replacement parts that are now available from "Peter Jackson". They have their own "product Catalogue" which many other people and I find invaluable. The prices above are current as from the 28/07/97.
I hope this information helps people on the way to restoring their favourite "P".
Norm Julian.

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