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Leyland Six cylinder engines and their colours


I was just going through some photos and I noticed that a couple of six P76's have a red or orange motor in them.
My new car has a blue motor, and so does my spare motor which came out of a dry red super six.
Can anyone tell me were was the orange/red used?


Hi Adrian.
All six cylender P76 engines from the factory were painted blue with engine numbers like 2600,2601.2603
Red engines were fitted to the marina 6 cyl models and have engine numbers like 2623.
Cars that you have seenhave simply had engine that were originally out of a marina fitted to the P76s. Also the Kimberly had a red block but was an east west design and is smaller at 2.2 litres. However a cheap and effective way to gain about 13BHP (as taken from a Kimberly Hanbook) is to covert a twin HS6 carb set up from one of the mark 1 Kimberly models which also includes a
twin engine pipe header system.
Cheers Nick

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005
Yea adrian
I'll put my 2 bobs worth in, the 6cyl was blue in the P76 and the red is in the Marina (the english referred to these as a big red).
The 2.6 litre engine is in fact a 1750 4 cyl marina engine with two extra pistons and the Kimberly engine is a 1500 marina with 2 extras put on (ypu can see the joins in the rocker cover)
Both of these 4 cyl motors started life as Austin maxi engines in east west format and the Aussies converted them to north south in the Marina's

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005
Hi Adrian,
The Marina 6 motors were red, P76 were blue. If a P76 has a red motor someone has fitted a Marina one to it.
James Mentiplay

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