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Melbourne Herald Sun - Sat 30-10 004


Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004
I found this article in the melbourne herald sun, the bit about the only six exec is interesting, as i went to finley in N.S.W. to
look at some cars from a deceased estate and one of them was a white exec / black seats / six, there were several other cars plus parts, this was a few
years ago, i have heard that they were bought by somebody not too far away, does anybody know the fate of these cars.
Stephen Lees
Vic Owners


Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004
In my collection of bits and pieces (actually on my 1 owner 6 4 speed deluxe), when bought in 1988 was an executive 6 side badge which seemed
original (not a repo as they didn't exist in 1988).
It was only on 1 side however and the Reverend that i bought the car from couldn't remember where it had came from either.
I have seen a white 6 3 speed manual super with a black interior but the front seat (bench) was a deluxe one. We found out that the car was a col
auto but the original owner bought a deluxe 6 3 speed and transferred the running gear engine gearbox and seat into the white super.
Still it fooled a local P76 expert down here for a while who swore that it was genuine!
Cheers Nick
Tassie Club.
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004
If it was a 6 Exec how'd they mount the Power
I'm not saying it's impossible as I know of someone who has a Super 6 with P/S but I'd like to see the "factory" brackets, etc.
Also as an Exec it would have to capable of running Air Conditioning another interesting variation.
This is a bit like the mythical column shift car with the centre console option. What did it look like?
Any further sightings or should I say Close Encounters?
Mon, 15 Nov 2004
South African leyland E6 [R6 something??] has the power steering at sump level.[left hand ??]
The last australian engines had the bosses cast into the block for the job.
There are A/C kits around that mounted the compressor in a similar spot, mostly for marina.
The double belt crank pulley is hard to get I'm told.
Center console was the rear half on super and luxury packs.
The front half may have been dealer fitted, to hide aftermarket a/c.
"Fleur & David WATERS"
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000
Re- the six exec I saw as well as five other pigs it was in fact a six exec as it had black cloth insert seats, rubber strip bumpers, centre console t-bar auto, the owner was a leyland lover as the cars were all under cover and the rest was scattered around the property, as I said in
the original email this was at Finley in N.S.W. at the time I had no where to put the cars as his son was selling the lot as a job lot, the boots of most of the cars where full of N.O. S. parts.
The cars where sold to a person futher north but details are not known.
I bought a crystal white exec in 1976 it had no power steering and no air conditioning from a Leyland dealer in Northcote in Victoria, owned the bloody thing for years, it ended up with a 4 slot with an origional console insert and boot supplied by a local leyland parts supplier.
So to the people who say no!, they only came this or that way, think again,
what about strange colours, (gray car), leyland panthers etc.
Let the fun begin!.
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004
Hi Everyone,
As unusual as it sounds that Leyland built a 6 cylinder Executive you cannot dismiss it completely.
As Stephen Lees quite rightly states, Executives were built without power steering (in tiny numbers) even though it was listed as a standard item on them Executive.
Omega Navy was listed by Leyland as an Executive only colour yet a small amount of Supers were built in this colour.
We even have confirmation of at least 3 Targa Florio's being built with a 4 speed manual instead of the floor shift auto. At the end of the day, it seems anything was possible when it comes to Leyland. If someone had the right contacts (or enough money) they could get anything built.
The Leyland P76 Panthers however that Stephen refers to is not a good example of an unusual build P76, as they were not a factory optioned car.
The Panther was done by Brentmore Leyland in Melbourne and was a dealer fitted package.
But until someone comes up with a car that shows the compliance plate being a factory built Executive with a 6 cylinder, it is only a rumour.
All the best,
James Mentiplay

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