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Under bonnet decals


Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000
The placement of under bonnet decals.
I have never taken much notice of where the various decals go, but after ordering a set from the N.S.W. boys, (BLOODY BRILLIANT), I needed to know the exact placement.
I had stripped my engine bay back to bare metal, and my six engine bay had been overpainted black by the previous owner.
I rang a mate who owns a very original home on the range v8 deluxe he gave one set up that did not gel.
I rang around and found several other different variations, maybe James or Hal could help, because concourse judges will only go on what they have seen and not what Leyland did on the production line, eg. paint codes on the left side in my mates case, on my vehicles on the right?.
Let the fun begin.
Stephen Lees


Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004
My 9/73 Exec has the paint decal on the RHS suspension tower.
Steve Maher
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004
Hi Everyone,
I will do a bit more research on the placement of the engine bay stickers.
The one that I have noticed that varies in location is the paint code sticker, I have noticed them on both the right and left strut tower.
Not sure whether maybe say the 73 cars had it on the right tower and then it was changed for someone reason later down the track I am not certain.
My suspicions are though that it was an ad-hoc thing and it just depended on whether the guy on the production line was standing on the right or left of the car when he applied the sticker.
To be safe it would be advisable to apply it to the left side as this seems to be the most common side that I have seen.
I will look into it more and let you know.
One sticker that should only be fitted to post Feb. 74 cars though is the radiator coolant sticker that goes on the panel in front of the radiator.
P76's built before Feb 74 did not have these stickers fitted for those guys restoring a P76 and bought the stickers from NSW club.
All the best,
James Mentiplay

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