Leyland P76 Owners 2004

Technical problems Solved

Window winder replacement

By Jilden

Many P76’s are now suffering from worn out RH front window winders. If you can’t find another in your collection of parts, you can fit a left hand one with a few changes. Margaret’s car had one with ‘breaking wave’ shaped teeth.
The left and right winders pictured are exactly the same except for two details.
At one end of the left winder sector are two teeth which have been bent over. A block of steel and a hammer will see to that; just hammer them flat.
The old right winder has the spring off to show how worn the shaft is. Above is the old left winder with the spring reversed, but not yet hooked on. That only takes a pair of pliers. The spring takes some of the weight of the window, to stop it dropping by itself.
Grease the winder well and it is ready for reinstallation.
Jilden. November, 2004

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