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Leylines # 18

Here's a tip rescued from an old club magazine. Unfortunately I don't have any information as to origin or author.
Had a small problem the other day.
I put the car over the pit to drain the engine oil overnight.
Put the bonnet down before I went inside, it must have locked.
The next morning pulled the bonnet catch release and the cable snapped right in the middle of the lock.
I tried for two days to try and get a way to open it.
Went over to see a panel beater who said he didn't want the job.
The only way to release it was to get the angle grinder and cut it out, which I had to do.
I had another bonnet, but had to strip the paint off as it was all cracked, then paint it before I could use the car.
I removed the bonnet catch and cut a slot in line with the release catch.
All I have to do now is use a piece of fencing wire with a hook on the end, poke it in the slot I cut and release the lock

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