Leyland P76 Owners 2007


Fitting Short handbrake cable

by Damien from Leylines # 32
I recently had another problem with my car when the fitting at the bottom of the short handbrake cable broke off.
I sourced one of the cables held by the club that Eddie had made some time ago.
I don't know if these cables are shorter than the originals or whether they stretch in use, but I spent quite a deal of time trying to connect the system back up again before I worked out that I would have to slacken the handbrake adjustment off considerably to get it all together.
Another minor problem is that Eddie's cables are slightly thicker than the originals, so that the slotted clevis that holds the cable in the hand brake lever has to be opened out a bit.
Even so, it was a fairly tight fit.
When you combine all this with the restricted access to the handbrake mounting bolts, a considerable dollop of patience was called for before it all went back together.
But I eventually achieved it all without any blaspheming - must be turning into a saint in my old age

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