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Photos and reports from the P76 and Force 7 owners in the UK

Dave Mortens' Force Aug 2004

Sold to New Zealand owner 2005

Dave Eadon

From: Dave Eadon
To: "Adrian"
Subject: What's happening
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003
Adrian ,
Things are a bit slow in the UK. The Targa hasn't moved since November. It sits under it's cover when it's dry and every time I take the cover off for any reason it rains for a fortnight!!
The MOT (roadworthy) lapsed in April and I'm not going to bother with a test just yet. The exhaust has a little blow on the RHS manifold where the choke tube from the carby goes into the oven pie on the manifold. My guess the oven pipe has had it.
I have got a pair of manifolds from Eddie Tubman in NZ which I had cleaned up and painted, I got a new oven pipe made up in stainless by my local engineering shop. I want to use a bit of gasket sealant when I put the new manifolds on but there is no suitable product in the UK. (High temp
silicon-copper) I've got some coming from the USA would you believe!
It may be OTT but what the heck!
I'll send photos when I get some but don't hold your breath.
One day I'll make a concerted effort to track down the other P76 owners in the UK but I am several months overdue on the decorating so that too goes on the back burner for now.
Talk to you again soon.

Dave Eadon's Targa

Alan # 2

Low mileage P76 being overhauled. This car has been sitting for a number of years. The owner's mechanic has been searching for parts as the engine was seized.

Owains P76

Southern Cross Rally 2004

One of a photo shoot, taken in country UK, for the release of the P76. (Official Black and White photo)

Alan's #1 Formerley Kev Dunne

Another photo of the P76 outside Buckingham Palace, compliment of Kevin

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Peters Ute

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