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Meet Victorian Owners

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Victorian Club Activities

Concourse 2006

Concourse 2004

Concourse 2003

Concourse 2002

Concourse 2001

Photos from Michael C of Victorian Leyland P76 Owners Club - Concourse Oct, 2011

2010 Concours
Photos from Scott R of Victorian Leyland P76 Owners Club - Concourse Oct, 2010

Photos from Scott R of Vic Concourse Nov 2008

P76 Nationals - Easter 2008

Photos from Scott R of Nationals 2008 Geelong

P76 Nationals - Easter 2008

Concourse 2008 "Peoples Choice"

The knome machine


Concourse 2007 "Peoples Choice"

Picnic at Hanging Rock

Some information on Victorian Leyland Owners

Some old Victorian photos


Eric Browns Plum Loco


Concourse 2006

Sannons Aussie Classic Car Day

from Mike Clarke, Vic Club

John Moore

2 Dec 2003


Steve Lees

Nov, 2004

Steve is doing up his Nutmeg P76

Car sold to Western Australia owner 2004


If you passed Chris Bain driving his Leyland P76 V8,
you may not have expected this car could be in contention for the
Wheels Car of the Year Award.
Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Wheels Car of the Year,
Chris and his Leyland P76 V8 will travel to Melbourne representing the 1973 winner of Wheels Car of the Year,
in a new award, the Wheels Car of the Decade .
A car for each of the decades passed since the Award started will be announced.

Privately owned

Stuart Brown

Show car
Great site for P76 information Stuart is the owner of "" P76

Nik Demopoulos

John W from Walwa

Johns first car, 'Peel Me Grape'


From Melbourne - Shane Marina Stationwagon
Now owned by Darren Brisbane 2012
From Melbourne - Scott

powered by a P76 motor

Steve from the Gully

Malcom and Kerrie's Executive

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