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  • Interesting pics you've dug up.
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The picture of the little girl in the back of the Green Force 7V is my daughter, Angela.
The picture was shot in Easter 1995 at the P76 convention in Rosebud Victoria.
The car is my brother Richard's and I had just finished rewiring and registering it.
Since then it has been fully restored to original condition.
The picture above it (BAB/white Force 7V) is my one which is now about 99.99999% complete after a complete and total dismantling and restoration. This job has taken 3 years.
I purchased the car in 1991 in SA. Since then I have tracked down full ownership history back to Hans who bought it at the Leyland Force 7V Auction in Sept 1975.
The pic above (NVG/white) was shot on a wet day at Springvale Leyland in Victoria on the way home to Sydney.
You might be interested to know that the other green Force (the 4 speed, my brother's is an auto) is currently being restored by its owner, Harry.
He's had in storage for years, til recently, and I think its just been reregistered. The car is in Greece
Also David who owns the blue Force in Nottingham in England has the car up for sale. Last time I saw it, it was in good nick but brake booster had problems. David also has an ON Targa Florio.
Joe G
Joe still has the HOR/black in Sydney. That's the one that was used in the Hahn beer ad'.
Dave N
Don't see much of Dave now, owner of the other yellow one but he's still out there somewhere.
Anyhow nice to see pics of these fine Aussie cars on the net.
Waz Warrewyk

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