N.S.W. Leyland Owners

Birmingham Motor Company

Jason Birmingham

The start First car from Ron Bloxsome and his new passion
Part # 1 Story on building a show winning car Nationals 2004
Part # 2 Grabbing a Cab
Part # 3 Hairy Lime Show Car
Jason's Workshop Some call it the Aladins cave but the is the Motor Magian Ccstle
Part # 4 Progress of the Taxi

Hairy Lime executive

Winner of a number of awards both in the Leyland clubs but also from Motoring shows.

The building of the car

The finished item

Jason has done another fantastic job in getting an old executive back on the road in new clothes.
The car has been rebuilt from sratch.
Now as a hairy lime with white exective seat material it is a scene stealer.

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Dec, 2006
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