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The start First car from Ron Bloxsome and his new passion
Part # 1 Story on building a show winning car Nationals 2004
Part # 2 Grabbing a Cab
Part # 3 Hairy Lime Show Car
Jason's Workshop Some call it the Aladins cave but the is the Motor Magian Ccstle
Part # 4 Progress of the Taxi

The P76 previously owned by Ron Bloxsome, Qld.

Read all about how Jason has been renewing his car. The tales of a silly man & his silly car......

Information and pictures

The following pictures and text was what was available to veiw on the web site when Ron was trying to sell the car.

Ron standing next to his P76 at Beenleigh.
Manufactured in Sept 1973 - comes with weathershield, sunvisor and always garaged, towbar and with pump ups rear shockaborbers.

White with Champagne Interior. The front seats are recliner style.

Column Automatic with speedo showing the origional 37244 Miles. The interior is spotless.

Engine bay

The underneath is clean but surface rust, could start to be problem.
Tow things of interest on the car is the muffler and the steering arm connection to the rack.

The car has been a Country vehicle, perfect order ready for registrations.Origional owner - Engine number 400003362

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