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Mon, 01 Nov 2004
Hello All
In the Australian newspaper, the P76 supplement from 26/6/73 which I
purchased recently there is an advert from Dulux paints expressing
their joy in being involved with Leyland in the P76 project.
Whereas, on the P76s I have seen the colour sticker on the car refers
to a Berger paint.
In Hal Moloney's publication the non-metallic colours are Berger
Duracryl. Whereas the metallic colours are Dulon "E" type lacquer.
Also at the website:
reference is made to an early P76 painted in the Dulux paint.
Is the metallic paint offerred a Dulux product? If not, then what
paint did Dulux provide?
I have observed that the engine bays and boot areas of P76s are
painted in the body colour. What colour was used for the underbody


Wed, 3 Nov 2004
Paint was supplied by both makers and the colours were slightly different but time and care might also have contributed.
We had two Bold as brass cars in both berdger and dulux at the same time.
The underbodies were body colour or black depending on the model, when the black was added on the super and executive some was sprayed onto the wheel arches etc depending on the operator. It was not consistent.
The black was a semi gloss similar to the ford GT colour.
Hope this helps.
Wed, 3 Nov 2004
I have seen paint code stickers on P76's that are from Dulux, Berger and also Dulon.
Not sure for the reason why but can only assume that it just depended who Leyland were getting their paint at that particular time.
The most common by far is the Dulux paint stickers.
I don't believe metallic or non-metallic colours have anything to do with it as I have seen Omega Targa's having either Dulux or Berger stickers, like I said I think it just depended on who were supplying paint at that time.
The boot areas in the P76 were only body colour in the Deluxe model,the Super and Exec's were painted in Satin black.
The inside of the wheel wells on all models were painted body colour, with the undercarriage painted mostly body colour as well.
James Mentiplay
Thu, 4 Nov 2004
I have seen Berger and Dulux and maybe Dulon. I always thougth Berger was Aussie and Dulux NZ but it's obviously not that simple.
I also thougth that Dulon was a type of Dulux paint, but then it's not something I
think of a lot!
As I said, I will check the cars I have around the neighbourhood, and maybe the ones on the TRT Trip this weekend. Should have 6 or so to look at.
Other colours that don't appear on the web site but we have some of here are French Blue and Pimento.
French Blue is paler/whiter blue than AEB and Pimento is just a gorgeous Red. I can send you some pic s actually, now I think about it.
I have encountered several FB cars...we have one locally and we know of only 3 Pimento cars.
Rob NZ
Further information from Kem Western on the paint company arrangements.
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