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Technical Information

Technical Information


Tech Tips from Phil or indeed any Club article or Private contribution used as a GUIDE, you do so entirely at your own risk! In other words "all care, but no responsibility taken"!


Need to look at a schematic of the Leyland P76 please check out the URL http://www.p76leyland.com

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Problem and Solutions (old section)

Good Radiator Conversion by Joe Green Build an Electronic Ignition! by Jilden
Heater tap conversion by Jilden Speedo fixes by Jilden
Strut Insert Update by Jilden Valve Stem Seals by Jilden
Fitting Buick cranks to P76 blocks Discussion on 215V8 yahoogroups.com SEAT BELTS-ARE YOURS OK? by Geoff Ogilvie
V8 Engine mount saver by Jilden P76 Models and accessories
Hal's Book Information on Mags for P76 by Jilden
Blinking problem by Nigel Tyre tips from Targa NZ by Geoff Ogilvie
Dizzy dynamics by Peter Rose Power without Weight History of the V8 engine.
Our Valiant rescuer and others by Steve and Andrew Engine Performance Issues question and answers
Adapt a Valiant Tacho by Stuart Brown Steering lock Urgent Urgent Need to be aware by Jilden
Labels for the engine bay Starter Motors by Garth and Unknown
Designing Headers comments from the 215V8@yahoogroups Manifolds - difference between Buick and P76
Ignition switch replacement by Barry Levarde Setting up points and timing from Philthys Tech Tip
Rewiring the engine bay loom from Philthy's Tech Tip Vibration in my P76 - can anyone assist Comments from owners
Know your speedo Tech Tip by Phil Speedo - know your cable From Barry
Want to know about fitting 4 speed auto Feedback from Chris Want to know where to find a gearbox kit
Dizzy and weights by Greg How to tell a Terrior motor!! Comments to question asked by Chris
My own checklist when it comes to the P76 front ends Tech tips from Phil Information on Brakes and spares from Owners
T700 auto Discussion between Ted Australian Street Rodders Magazine and Chris at Dubbo P76 Engines in Range Rovers by Jilden
Chrome Rocker covers Porting the engine water jackets by Jilden
Servicing Power Steering rack Question and Answers for converting power steering rack to manual
Question and Answers for setting up engines for LPG P76 Targa Stickers Supplied by Graham
Servicing Power Steering rack Question and Answers for converting power steering rack to manual
Question and Answers for reverse light P76 Six radiator conversion using a VK radiator by Adam
Tridon Thermostats Questions and Answers electrical problem experienced by Adam
Question and Answers for placement of the coil closer to the distrubuter Questions and Answers Engine weight of P76 V8 motor
Questions and Answers Engine manifold leaks detection Questions and Answers Modification to gear stick to shorten travel from Nigel
Questions and Answers P76 Fuel tank cap Article from Dan on testing Head flow of Rover and Buick heads
Questions and Answers P76 Wheel information Rear disc brake conversion by Russell
Questions and Answers Inlet Manifold Gaskets & sealing the leak by Mike Chadwick Questions and Answers Referrence point of Vee - Manifold to Heads
Questions and Answers Installing AC equipment on a P76 V8 motor from Barney Timms Questions and Answers


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My persistence paid off by George
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Article about building a Drag Car by Rogo.

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